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Sports LED Display for Athlatic&Stadium
Click: 1299   Release Date: 2022-09-26   Author: admin

Athlatic&Stadium led display 


We know that stadium LED for sports field have Cube led screen which can be used as normal screen  and score board,led perimeter displays, and some normal LED video wall screen.

Now we can discuss what’s the stadium led screen for? and   how to use different type LED display of sports sign ?

what’s the stadium led screen for?

1,Led screens intensify sporting events and provide spectators with a unique experience: live broadcast of the game, zooming in on players and game action, broadcasts of highlights. 

2,Led screens and led perimeter displays are excellent tools that enhance your partners' communication efforts and strengthen the impact of advertising. 

3,The sale of advertising space to your partners and advertisers enable you to have a return on investment from your LED video solution very quickly. As a result, your equipment can quickly become a source of revenue!

How to use different type LED display of sports sign ?

Before talk about the different types of led sport sign,lets talk about dual power&signal backup solution.

With the rapid development of the LED display industry, more and more LED displays are used in stage performances, and exhibition occasions, live broadcast and the requirements for stability of the display is getting higher

and higher, especially in some important occasions. When black screens are caused by power or signal failures, major LED Display manufacturers are also thinking about various ways to improve stability. Based on customer needs,

we have launched a dual power and signal backup solution. When the main power or signal supply in the cabinet is broken, the backup power supply or receiving card is still working normally, which greatly improves the stability

of on-site use.  So the stadium sport using led display need dual signal&power backup solution also.

1,Cube stadium led screen normally is use for live broadcast of the game, zooming in on players and game action, broadcasts of highlights. When game finish it can use for advertisement.

While using a cube is very important for the games, so you must make none accidents happen,so the screen should use dual signals and power backup solution.

The cube led screen can be used as a score board led screen also,it can be a normal LED screen with a special software.

The advantage of using a real LED screen instead of a traditional scoreboard with numbers only, is that the arrangement of the information displayed can be easily changed to show writings, images or videos on the same screen,

 with or without the score or timings of a competition. The screen is switch easily.

 2, LED perimeter displays is the one stand on the playground which normally have only one cabinet high,and length can be as long as the playground’s perimeter. This kind of led display and adjustable holder,

which can adjust the cabinet angel, the cabinet need to be backup solution is need. The top of cabinet have PVC cover to protect the cabinet,module have soft mask to protect the led lamps. 

The Square type stadium screen normally for schooling text and pictures for advertisement.


3.normal LED video wall screen use in Stadium events normally is same as the Cube led sign, just Cube one can show to all audiences while normal screen cant.

If you have any inquiries of the led stadium screen for the events please just contact to us.