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BOE Indoor Fine Pitch in Stock
Click: 755   Release Date: 2022-08-22   Author: admin

Large quantity of indoor in stock

P1.25 P1.53 P1.86 P2 P2.5

Front side


Back side


How to choose the right Pixel Pitch on LED DISPLAY ?

As far as we kknow that choose the right Pixel pitch for LED display is very important for us, and how we do that?

the following guides will help a lot.


Screen Size

When you decide to buy a screen you need to tell the led display size,

this related to screen resolution such as 4K,2K,1080P,and other.

Viewing distance 

Viewing distance and screen size is two most important factors which can decide which pixel pitch is suitable for you.

Application scenarios

Application scenarios such as the one in the meeting room or monitor room and the one in the shop to show the logo or text these kind of applications are totally different.


Installation Methods of LED Display

Installation metholds is a very important factor for led screen,some 

place need full front service,some back have enough space for 



Brightness is depends on where you use it,such as outdoor indoor semi-outdoor.  the screen is face to the sun or not, how many hours the screen is face to the sun. some indoor projects is cabinet in the building and face to outside, this need to use outdoor module as well. 

IP rating

This is totally depends on the site situation, outdoor application need use front IP65,back IP54 level. indoor could be back 0-45,front us IP54


Nowadays the led display screen come to our daily life more and more often, how to find the right pixel pitch is veru important for us,

especially fine pitch,we use it in the meeting room retail monitor room,TV stadio and so on.

if you have any questions or projects welcome to contact us, LEDLNK will provide professional technical support and nice products.