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How Does LED Screen Display in World Cup 2022 Double Your Business?
Click: 794   Release Date: 2022-09-06   Author: admin

How Does LED Screen Display in World Cup 2022 Double Your Business?

The Qatar World Cup 2022 is just a few months away. Football fans with overwhelming enthusiasm have pushed this event to become the hottest topic, and it’s going to be the most watched event in history. This is why many chance-sensitive companies are already looking for new ways to capitalize on all this hype. One way they capture the commercial opportunity is by using LED screen displays during the World Cup. This article will analyze the reasons to choose LED screens for your business.


How Businesses Can Capitalize on the World Cup Buzz for More Profits

There are two ways you can capitalize on the World Cup for more profits:


1. Install Indoor LED Screens

From bars, restaurants, and shopping malls, to hotels, indoor LED screen displays can be installed throughout these establishments to help boost profits during this important period. This helps them attract more customers since the screens will draw people in from outside your establishment. This will also enable your customers to stay connected during the matches while they are at your establishment, which can help increase traffic flow and sales.

2. Advertising on Outdoor LED Screens

To promote your products, services, or business in general, you can set up outdoor advertising LED display screens at football matches on buildings, shop fronts, or anywhere else that has a large amount of traffic flow. This will allow people to see your advertisements while they are watching the football game, which can help increase your sales and profits over time.


Why You Should Choose LED Screens Instead of LCDs

Now that you know how to profit from indoor and outdoor advertising, the next step is to select one from various displays. Here are three reasons to choose LED screens over LCDs.


1. Better Viewing Angle

The viewing angle of LED screens is wider than that of LCD and plasma televisions. The light from your TV will be more consistent, allowing you to view the screen from a wider range of angles without any distortion or fading. In addition, the light emitted by the display panel will be more uniform so that you can enjoy a better picture quality as well.

2. Superior Picture Quality

Picture quality is one of the most important things for every consumer and business owner alike. The difference between an ordinary screen and an LED screen display is not only in its brightness and contrast ratio but also in its ability to produce a brighter and more vivid picture. It helps you get rid of being confused by the blurs or missing details on your LED screen when you’re watching a football match from a distance.

3. Energy Efficient

LED screen displays consume less energy than LCDs since LEDs use light-emitting diodes to replace fluorescent bulbs that LCDs usually adopt. This benefit makes LED screen display a more energy-efficient choice and cuts your budget on the power supply bill.

4. Higher Brightness

Compared to the LCD, the led screen can use both indoors and outdoors, and the brightness could be low and high which is depends on the environment.

LED Screen Displays from LEDlink

If you are looking for a high-quality, cost-effective, and cost-effective LED screen display for World Cup 2022, we recommend the following products from LEDlink:

  • LK-SS Series

The LK-SS Series is a set of indoor live stream displays with a wide color gamut and uniform color. This series is designed for indoor applications such as bars, restaurants, shopping malls, and other indoor live stream displays. Its small deviation and seamless splicing ensure that the picture quality is stable. With the advanced low brightness and high gray technology, the screen can achieve the best color quality with less power consumption.

This series of LED screen displays has durable performance and easy maintenance. The screen is made of environmental protection materials to ensure a long service life without any product quality or performance problems.

  • LK-OF Series

The LK-OF series is a high brightness, outdoor LED panel with low power consumption. This series is popular for outdoor applications due to its excellent durability and waterproof features. It comes in various sizes and configurations, so you can customize your installation.  It also can be installed in a variety of ways, including directly on the wall or ceiling or mounted to a structure.

This LED screen display series can be used as a rental LED screen or as an eye-catcher in high-traffic places. For example, you can install them at fairs and shopping malls, parks, highways, exhibitions, stadiums, and other public places where there’s demand for displaying messages or images on large screens in high visibility areas.



We at LEDlink are one of the leading manufacturers of LED display systems. We provide our customers with high-quality products available in various sizes and specifications. Our team consists of experienced engineers who specialize in producing LED displays, as well as professional technicians who can help you install your new product.