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Growing Market of the Rental LED Screen: What Can We Know?
Click: 768   Release Date: 2022-10-18   Author: admin

Growing Market of the Rental LED Screen: What Can We Know?

At present, there is no other market like that of rental LED screen products that have been actively accelerating at the speed of light, and this phenomenon can be noticed all around us.

Practically, there is an ocean of rental LED screen examples that can be found everywhere as far as your sight can go. For instance, the moment you take a step outside the door, the chances are that the first thing you see might be an advertising LED display screen.

Everything is displayed on a sizeable rental LED screen, whether it’s an imposing billboard, a stunning store sign, or a bold and catchy digital nameplate. No wonder it has captured the attention of infinite investors and recommends the same to anyone who has a thought to act otherwise.


Analysis of the Rental LED Screen Market

Here are some significant facts and figures to evaluate the current graph of the rental LED screen markets and products that are distinctly getting under the limelight with every passing day:


Market Shares

The global market of rental LED screen products has been on a roll ever since the advertising, marketing, promotions, and variable content display trend in public places has taken a hike up the charts. While backing up this statement, let us look at the situation from a statistical point of view.  

According to a report, back in 2018, the LED rental market was valued at over $6.75 billion, which is expected to hit a colossal spike of about $27.93 billion by the end of 2025. All this growth is predicted to take place at a CAGR of 22.5% during the forecasted period of 2019–2025.

These astounding figures are evident to paint the picture of the augmenting industry of the rental LED screen that’s ready to mark its territory around the globe and still keeps on going ahead at full throttle. At this progressive speed, the rising demand for advertising LED display screen products have also taken a mark up to meet the upraising requirements of displaying HD images or video content at high-profile shows and corporate events exclusively.


Major Applications

However, note that those who have got taken under this spell are not only the people who are limited to any specific industry or profession. This new culture of attracting customer attention through stunning visuals on larger-than-life advertising LED display screen implements has made the employment of the LED screen display an essential prerequisite. It is especially in industries that are mostly found raking it in throughout the year with remarkably high annual turnovers.


The major applications are as below:

ü International-level events organized to showcase spectacular artistic performances.

ü Global sports events for international games and competitions.

ü Up-scale exhibitions of various lavish brands.

ü High-end Conferences among extravagant business leaders.


Large-End Customers

Often these high-caliber buyers or potential customers of such rental LED screen appliances on a grand scale are the affluent corporate leaders of magnificent film and television companies, advertising agencies, brand and product promotional marketing agencies, event organizers, and so on. That’s why investing in rental LED screen product lines is confirmed to be a profitable move.


The LK-RB Series Is the First Investment Choice!

Prominently, the LEDlink LK-RB series involves an impressive launch of rental LED screen products that are developed to enrich massive marketable projects. Whether it be an entertainment event like an open-air concert or an advertising promotional ceremony of a globally recognized brand, the enormous LED screen display of the LK-RB series is competent to stand out in the crowd while satisfying all these scenarios and conditions.  

With these great rental LED screen appliances, the present audience can witness the ongoing event or any other advertised content in a high-resolution image that is available in variable pixel pitches (P2.976, P3.91, P4.81, and P5.59). But that’s not all. Among the plethora of reasons that make the rental LED screen products of the LK-RB series your top priority for some quality investments, here are a couple of highlighted features that will convince you to believe the same:  

ü Fast Installation and Disassembly with Size Lock

ü Special Design in HUB Card

ü Equipped with Corner Protector

ü Light-Weight and Attractive Appearance Design

ü Detachable Power Box


All in all, the growing market indicates that rental LED screen is your best choice of LED screen investment. LED screen products in LEDlink are widely used in advertising displays, stage displays, commercial displays, etc. We have over 10 years of experience in the industry. Contact us now for more LED display information.