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Get Your Business Advertising Back with the Rental LED Screen
Click: 882   Release Date: 2022-08-25   Author: admin

The pandemic situation is gradually easing, and the world has finally stepped back from the brink, so now is the perfect timing to get your business advertising back! The rental LED screen is an ideal choice when it comes to boosting your business’s visibility and exposure. In this article, we will explain how and why it is a great idea to get one. It’s time to provide good coverage for your business advertising!



About Rental LED Screen

The rental LED screens are becoming more and more popular in the advertising industry. Most countries are reopening as the Pandemic slows, and the activities and events are actively after long time restriction, so both indoor and outdoor products are becoming more and more popular at the moment.

Where Can You Find a Rental LED Screen?

There are plenty of ways you can rent an LED screen. You can lease it from a company that specializes in this kind of equipment, or you can rent it from an advertising company. Another option would be to contact local businesses that rent out the LED screens to businesses.


What Are the Advantages?

The few advantages of using the rental LED screen are:


1. Fast installation: you can install the LED screen within one day and make it available for viewing immediately. No need for wiring or other preparation work.

2. Lightweight: the cabinet is very light; this makes it possible for you to easily move them anywhere at any time without worrying about damaging them or losing them during transport.

3. Low cost: the rental LED screen is much cheaper than its permanent counterpart because it costs you less than buying a new one. It can also be used for many years without having to worry about repair or replacement costs.


Where to Apply Them?

Renting an LED screen will help you promote your business in shopping malls or other special venues where people gather together at once, such as weddings, exhibitions, sports competitions, concerts, and so on.


What to Consider When Choosing the Rental LED Screen to Advertise

When choosing the right rental LED screen for your business, consider these three factors:


1. Low Brightness with a High Grayscale

It’s important to consider the brightness and grayscale of the screen. Low brightness with a high grayscale will make your product stand out from other advertisements. This will also help your message stand out against the background and make it easier for viewers to read.

2. High Refresh Rate

You’ll also want to choose a rental LED screen with a high refresh rate, which will ensure smooth movement and minimize lag time between changes occurring onscreen. The higher the refresh rate, the more quickly you can change things onscreen without seeing any delays in how fast your message appears or disappears.

3. High Contrast Ratio

Finally, when choosing a rental LED screen, look for one with a high contrast ratio - this means that it has bright colors and deep blacks so that viewers can see clearly what’s happening onscreen even if they’re wearing sunglasses or have dark eyesight!


LK-RB Rental Series from LEDLINK

LEDLINK is a leading provider of indoor & outdoor LED screen panels. We have developed an LK-RB Rental Series to meet the needs of the market. LK-RB Rental Series features a high-contrast black LED 3-in-1, which ensures excellent image quality and color accuracy.


Some of the significant features of the LK-RB series are as below:


1. The power box has no data cables between the module and the HUB card, In this way, the internal connection of the box is more firmly, and it won’t be affected by audio vibration.

2. 45° degree cabinet design, with this feature, the screen can be any different shapes, 90 degrees, circle, inner or out curve.

3. Co-sharing module of 500*1000 and 500*500mm cabinet, and the cabinet can combine into one screen.

4. Fast installation with the lock between cabinets.



With over 10 years of experience, LEDLINK has developed highly efficient and reliable products that are used in many different areas. We offer a range of products and services that can help you grow: from simple advertising LED display screens to complex outdoor LED displays, we have what it takes to make sure you get what you’re looking for.