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P4 Double-sided Outdoor to the Ooh
Click: 1422   Release Date: 2022-10-06   Author: admin

P4 Double-sided Outdoor to the oOh 

We recently finished a dluble-sided ourdoor in Australia,

the configuration as below

P4 full front service module with a size of :320*320mm

brightness 6500CD


Here we can talked about why need a double-sided led screen.

normally the led screen is single side,but sometimes need to show Ads from different position

then a double-sided led screen is a good choice. like in the park,the road,high way for transportation,

the roof of the building.......

second we can talk about the software, the doule-sided screen can play same and different content or video

or flash....., so the two screens can coonect as one or seprated into two screens, all these functions we need to 

use controller, the controller is used to control the led screen by the software,it have different way to control the screen.,

oneline and offline, with the software the screen can have the fuinctions as above.