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Digital LED Board use in retail places
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Retail susing LED disolay screen.

LEDLINK supply a full range of indoor LED screen displays marketed under BIG Indoor series Pixel pitches available for P2.0, P2.5, P3.0, P4.0 and P5.0.

Suitable for medium to large LED screen installations. Indoor LED display is commonly used in sales galleries,shopping mall, seminar halls, super market.....


LEDlink produce Retail sign for shop,use as main purpose is to display new products and promotional content, you can also display videos or entertaining content to engage your customers while walk by. This can indirectly improve the customer experience andatract them to come to the shop.

Digital monitor board is a great alternative to the traditional menu board or display. Schedule and rotate your messages in any preferred ways. You can even display multiple contents within one single screen at a time.

and whether it is to upload, manage, schedule or even monitor the health status of your digital led boards, most tasks can be conducted easily from a single remote location.