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LED video wall at Pacific City
Click: 1596   Release Date: 2022-08-30   Author: admin

LEDLINK upgraded an outdated LED video wall at Pacific City, an open-air lifestyle, 

shopping, dining, and entertainment destination across the Pacific Coast Highway

from the iconic Huntington Beach Pier.

Detasils of screen:

screen size:5.5*3 (m)

pixel pitch:p2.9


cabinet size:1000*1000(mm)


Why we choose full front serice solution?when we need to choose full front solution?

first lets see the following picture and here have many ways of installations.


from the photo we can see the wall mounted type back dont have enough space for maintainance, so screen like this backside dont have enough space we need 

front service type screen, no matter front service module or front service cabinet, all work.