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Fine Pitch LED Screen in the Bank
Click: 1509   Release Date: 2022-10-08   Author: admin

Fine Pitch LED Screen in the Bank

LEDLINK is LED manufacturer of led screen,we produced many led screens for different applications.

now we can talk about about our application of  bank led screen.

the fine pitch led screen always have the following features:

Highest Resolution

Fine pixel pitch led display direct view LED solutions for large, high-detail content viewed

from close distances. With LED models featuring pixel pitches as small as 0.6mm, MicroLED, HDR

and a variety of other optical and mechanical features, they suit almost every application.

 Gray-scale at low brightness, high refresh rate, energy saving, low consumption

The indoor fine pitch is alwys view from close distances and if want a excellent and natural video or pictures to

meets the customers's requirements ,then gray-scale at low brightness, 

high refresh rate, energy saving, low consumption is a must.

the following is our project in  the Federal Home Loan Bank,

a whopping 50ft display across its state-of-the-art office for its staff to constantly visualise crucial data in real-time.